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How to buy a plasma / LCD TV

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1. Choose the largest size you think you can reasonably put in your room. Anything less and you will have buyers remorse within a few months.

2. Decide Plasma or LCD. Rule -> If it’s going to be in a room with lots of bright sunlight, get an LCD. If it’s going to be in a room mostly for evening watching, and that is a bit shady during the day, get a Plasma. Any other arguments of Plasma vs LCD are bullshit.

3. Decide your mandatory extra features e.g. Has a hdd so can pause/record TV (Some LG’s I think have this), is 3D, can play movies directly from a USB stick, has Internet capabilities.

3. For Australians: Keep the JB Hi-Fi/Harvey Norman/Clive Peeters catalogs for a few weeks to see how price vs size are trending. You have picked your size, so you can focus specifically on models that match your size.

4. If you haven’t bought already, and can hold off, there will be a 10-20% price drop in Feb/March. There always is.



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6 October 2010 at 11:50 pm

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